TripFriend provides a private network for your event, festival, trade show or convention. TripFriend offers an additional, targeted platform for your communication and sharing of information to your customers. It gives you the ability to capture all of your attendees or guests in a private network to communicate and promote real-time updates and information without your guests having to find information that within all of their other friends and followers daily posts. TripFriend is a direct avenue to your customers.

TripFriend features

  • Capturing of actual attendees information, including unregistered guests
  • Private in app chat
  • Security
  • Sponsors, in feed promotions
  • Interactive floor maps, locations maps
  • Events schedule and bios
  • Real-time feedback and event metrics that give you deeper insight into attendee behavior

TripFriend can include as much content as you’d like about your event. Add a schedule with a list of activities and sessions; detailed info about speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors; maps of the venue and local attractions

Planning more than one event? Now you don’t have to go through the process of developing an app for each event, conference, or corporate meeting. Trip Friend can be used for multiple events all in one app. TripFriend is not your standard template app, where each event looks the same. TripFriend is an app where each event comes to life and can be branded individually without having you or your guests having to learn a new interface each time.